Which Carpet To Choose For Your Room

Choose the right carpet for your room is not just about the look, although important you also need to think about what room you are going to put the carpet in and if it is ready to take the day to day wear of that room.

The Right Carpet For Bedrooms

The bedroom is where we relax and sleep so choosing the right carpet is key. A soft plush carpet is ideal for this room, think luxury. When you get out of bed putting your feet on a soft comfy surface is just perfect.

Choosing Carpet For Living Rooms

A higher traffic room, it’s where your family meet at the end of the day and where you entertain guests. You need a carpet that balances practicality with style, you want it to always look its best after all.

Ask yourself how you use the room. Do you have children? Do you have pets? How you live your life in your home needs to be taken into consideration. If you have children or pets a light pile carpet may be best as they are more manageable for cleaning if there are unexpected messes. If you want a softer feel, you can go for a deeper pile but do remember they can be hard to clean so maybe invest in an adjustable height vacuum cleaner, so no dirt is missed.

The Right Carpet For Hallways And Stairs

The most used places in your home, the hallways and stairs are sometimes forgot about when purchasing the right flooring options for your home. A more hard-wearing carpet is the best choice for these areas. Think natural as these carpets are more robust and a great choice for high traffic areas.

In hallways avoid light coloured carpets as they have a tendency to be exposed to water, mud and anything else coming into the home. You don’t need to go for a dark colour as these carpets tend to need a lot more cleaning as any dirt will show up more. Going for a light fleck or pattern and invest in a rug or mat for the front door to ensure you can protect the carpet and give it a longer life.

Consider a runner for the stairs, this means it’s more easily replaced should you wish to protect the carpet underneath.

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