When Is It Time To Change Your Carpet

It is certainly that time of year – time to get cosy for winter with a warming new carpet. But are you undecided or on the fence about getting a new carpet? Look at what you’ve got and see if any of the below sounds familiar.

Worn Out And Worn Down Carpet

It’s a fact of life that some areas in the home or in a room get a lot more traffic than others – just think about doorways, stairs and the hallways. However, if you notice that the carpet is becoming really frayed and matted down, then you know it may be time to invest in a new carpet.

Going over the area with a vacuum with a brush attachment could help to breathe new life into an old and weary carpet with only a little wear and tear, however, if the carpet is still looking flat, lifeless or discoloured then it’s probably time for a new carpet for your home.

How To Remove Stains From Your Carpet

This an obvious one: if, no matter how hard you try, you cannot get rid of a stain, then it’s time to call in the professional cleaners. If they don’t get the job done, then it’s time to cut your losses! Stains are unsightly and will make even the stylish of homes look unloved so is definitely time for a new carpet.

Why Does Your Carpet Smell

When you open the door does your home have a musty or stuffy smell even after you’ve just vacuumed or cleaned? It could possibly be that your carpet is to blame; the dirt can very easily work its way into the fibres, especially if your carpet hasn’t been shampooed regularly or recently.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

Sprinkle your carpet with baking soda and leave it to sit for a few hours before vacuuming thoroughly. However, if the smell persists, even if you have called professional cleaners in, then it’s probably time to call it a day and treat yourself to a lovely new carpet – just in time for the British winter!

Allergies and Carpets

It’s a fact that carpet fibres can attract dust, dirt and other allergens that can unfortunately produce troublesome symptoms for you and your family. If you find you are suffering from frequent colds or allergy symptoms, then it could be your carpet – you’ll probably find relief from these symptoms once your carpet has been replaced!

Old And Dated Carpet

So, let’s be honest here; does your carpet simply look old, dated or beyond repair? You won’t believe the difference a new carpet could make to your home and your mood! Whether you go for a deep and luxurious pile, a practical twist or a textured carpet, we’ve got something for every taste and budget.

Carpets Torquay

Looking for carpets Torquay? At Direct Carpets & Curtains, we offer a large range of rugs and floor coverings in different materials, colours, designs, and patterns. Our products are tailored to suit a large range of tastes in both the domestic and the commercial sphere. Contact us today for an estimate on our products.

Direct Carpets was founded in 1976 in a small shop in Winner Street, Paignton. In 1979 it amalgamated with Terry’s Fabrics to become Direct Carpet and Curtain Supplies Ltd, which then moved to premises in Torquay Road, Paignton. To this day the business is still owned by Teresa Harris and remains a family run business.

The business has been built on quality and service at realistic prices and has grown greatly over the years. In 1992 it amalgamated with The Carpet Factory on the Woodlands Trading Estate, Torquay, making it one of the largest carpet and curtain retailers in the South West.

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