What Is Karndean Flooring

You probably know the name but cannot place where you have heard it before. What is Karndean flooring? Well, it is one of the most realistic wood and stone finishes flooring on the market and its available here at Direct Carpets and Curtains Supplies. Ideal for both business and domestic flooring options and is the perfect low maintenance choice.

Karndean Flooring

Started back in the 70’s, Karndean has become one of the best flooring options. Karndean is made up of a series of layer, which not only gives it strength but an amazing finish. That you would swear was real wood or stone.

As we said above, Karndean is a great low maintenance choice. Also, it is easy to install and a great durability that combats wear and tear. It is the ideal choice to warm up your home and it feels great under foot.

Karndean- The Flooring Of Layers

Made up of calcium carbonate, or limestone. The main body is then layered with 5 layers, these include two layers of PVC backing layers, a layer of high-quality printing, a single layer of clear PVC embossed, and all finished with a polyurethane protective coating. This makes it great for heavy traffic areas in a business or more than ideal for any domestic environment. Once this has all been layered into a big sheet. The sheet is then cut into blanks or tiles and then packet ready to become a stunning floor in places like your home.

Karndean Flooring Torbay

Are you looking for your next flooring choice and want an option that not only provides the best look but is a durable option too, take the choice of Karndean flooring in Torbay. Here at Direct Carpet & Curtain Supplies we are proud to be able to offer this high-end product to our customers. Contact our skilled staff to find out how this amazing product with lift your home.

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