Ways to Protect Your Carpet Whilst Redecorating

We all love to redecorate and give our homes that extra lift but don’t forget to protect your carpets! We have all spent our hard-earned money on getting the perfect flooring for our home and the last thing you want to do is end up with a stain or permanent damage. Below are some handy hits on ways to protect your carpet whilst redecorating.

Be Prepared

This may seem like an obvious one but being prepared will go a long way to keeping your carpets undamaged. Make sure all your tools or paint are kept on a dust sheet, even if you have laid a protective film, and extra barrier against dripping paint is never a bad thing. As mentioned, a protective film is a great way to protect any flooring from possible damage or stains. It comes on a simple roll, much like clingfilm, simply roll it out and remember to overlap the edges to ensure total protection.

Always Use Masking Tape On Carpets

No matter how you are protecting your carpet or flooring, masking tape around the edges is a must. This will give you a well-sealed and straight line to ensure no paint makes its way under the protective layer. No matter how small the job may be, taking the time will save issues later.

Dealing With Drips And Stains

Ok, this is a simple quick hint. If for any reason you have dripped paint or vanish on your flooring, this is not the time to leave it! Tackling the drip before it becomes a stain is important. Clean fresh water and a cloth is a good start before you start with chemicals, as some chemicals may not be good for your carpet or flooring’s colour or finish.

Should You Have A New Carpet Installed First

If you are redecorating and you need a new carpet, then we would advise you to redecorate first and then it greatly reduces the chance of any of the above happening. Although we are fully aware that this may not always be the case and having your carpet or flooring installed before you redecorate is not the end of the world. Simply follow the advice above and know the ways to protect your carpet whilst redecorating. Keeping your carpets as fresh as the day they were installed.

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