The Top Styles of Blinds to Choose From

Looking for the perfect shades inside a blinds shop can be overwhelming. There are many types of window coverings to choose from. They need to be practical for a room, as well as fit in with the aesthetic. So, if you’re feeling a bit confused about which to go for, here are the top blinds to choose from:

Roman Blinds

Timeless Romans

Roman blinds have been around for centuries, and they’re still as stylish today as they were back then. As great as these blinds look when they’re closed, they look stunning when opened. They are made from a piece of fabric that folds up concertina style and they come in many different styles. Through different materials, colours and designs, you can achieve a look that will go with any room. For a traditional and elegant style, opt for a roman design.

Venetian Blinds

Blinds Shop Recommends: Classic Venetians

Venetians are a popular choice for many because they have the useful ability to control how much light you want to let in from the outside. The horizontal slats are great for kitchens and bathrooms as the angling of the panels can provide both light and privacy. They can come in materials such as metal or even wood, so offer many different looks to a home. For a classic look, why not choose venetians?

Roller Blinds

Simple Roller

Roller blinds are known for their versatility. Since they have an easy design, they’re a popular choice for many people in a blinds shop. What’s more is that they’re a common design for blackout blinds. If you’re looking to get a great night’s sleep, then rollers are a great addition to a bedroom. You might also want to opt for motorised controls for complete ease of shading your windows. For shades that are practical for every room in the house, pick roller blinds.

Vertical Chainless Blinds In Modern Bathroom

Contemporary Verticals

Vertical blinds are a great choice for larger windows. That’s why they’re a common addition to patio doors and conservatory windows. Much like venetians, the design allows you to control the amount of light you want to let in, without compromising on privacy. As an experienced blinds shop, we recommend the elegant, vertical design for light and airy rooms.

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