Top Curtain And Window Blind Measuring Tips

If you are finding the thought of measuring for curtains and window blinds a bit of a chore, Direct Carpets and Curtains are happy to help. Because you will want to prevent potentially wonky curtains and bent blinds from mucking up the aesthetic and décor of your interior space, we have compiled some top curtain measuring tips.

What Curtain Measuring Tools Do I Need

So firstly, you are going to need the correct curtain and blind measuring tools. Although lots of people go for fabric or plastic tape to measure their curtains, this tape will stretch over time resulting in your measurements being wrong. We recommend you use metal measuring tape to get the most precise measurements needed. Nothing ruins a room look more than wonky drapes.

How To Measure For Curtain Width Accurately

It is important that you do curtain width measuring accurately to avoid curtains and blinds that are too narrow or too wide in the space. The standard curtain width is about triple the size of the window frame. But we will give you an idea of the looks you can create. Wide curtains are a fantastic choice for a particularly formal appearance. But, on the other hand, narrower curtains give more of a modern edge.

How To Measure Curtain Height

Next you will need to measure curtain height to ensure that you create the right look, so not to allow in much light, or cause a slipping hazard in the room. Measuring the height from the floor to the top of the window frame, you can opt for a range of curtain lengths, depending on the room style and function. Lengths you can go for include the “puddle”, “break”, “brush” and “hover”.

Puddling – curtains have around eight inches that pool onto the floor for a luxurious look. These look particularly glamorous when made from materials like silk or satin. However, while this length and material might be suited to certain living rooms and bedrooms, they could form slipping hazards in homes with children.

Breaking – drapes could be for you if you are after a chic and trendy length for your bedroom, living room or bathroom. You can create this length by adding an inch or two to your measurement from rod to floor.

Brushing – curtains, indeed, barely brush the sill. They are viewed as a relatively classic and fresh look.

Hover – drapes are the most popular curtain length. At the same time, they are classic, elegant and practical, hover curtains leave a finger width of space between the drapes and your window sill.

How To Hang Curtains

When you have completed the above curtain and blind measuring and making process, you will want to know how to properly hang curtains. To avoid ruining the wall, we advise you go for no-drill curtain rod brackets, which are placed above the window trim. Then, quite simply, hang up your drapes! If you are still reluctant, get one of our design experts to fit your curtains. Simply call Direct Carpets and Curtains on 01805 615655 to arrange your service.

Curtains Torquay

There’s very little that can change the character and style of a room quite like the addition of a new set of curtains. Luckily, here at Direct Carpet & Curtain Supplies, we are proud to offer a range of curtains in Torquay. Contact us today to find your dream curtains.

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