Pets And Your New Carpet

Picking your new carpet is a choice of style and practicality but not everyone considers their pets when making the choice of their new carpet. We have put together some handy hints for you to remember when considering your pets and your new carpet.

What Are The Best Carpets For Pets

When picking your new carpet consider your pets and how they move around your home. Carpets are ideal as a none slip option for pet owners.

– Cats & Carpets- When picking your carpet try to avoid shaggy carpets or looped ones too. They have a tendency to dig at them and you could end up with damaged sections. Stick to twist carpets, they will lessen the chances of damage but still give you a nice homely feel.

– Dogs & Carpets- Dogs don’t tend to dig at carpets but they spend a lot of their time at ground level, so this is more about comfort. A light to medium pile carpet is ideal for your dog and will be very comfy for them.

Don’t forget a rug is ideal in a room to help protect the carpet and your pets too. Also, remember the colour of your carpets is important too. As with most high traffic areas in your home, avoid light colours, as these can start to look more worn in a short period of time when pets are involved. Stick to darker shades with a light pattern.

How To Maintain Carpets When You Have Pets

With a simple vacuum, all the hair and any dust that comes off your pets is easily cleaned. As said above, a rug is a great way of protecting your carpet. Get to messes early, so any stains will not hold and a regular full carpet clean is perfect for bringing your carpet back to life.

Direct Carpets & Flooring Torquay

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