Is Laminate Flooring A Good Choice For My Home?

Are you interested in laminate flooring? There are many benefits of having this these boards installed in your home. Here we answer some frequently asked questions about the material.

So, is it a good choice for your home?

The answer is yes! Not only is it practical, but it is also available in many different designs so it will suit any house. It comes in many wood-imitating patterns such as varnished oak, brushed oak, neutral pine, walnut, and wenge.

Where Can I Put Laminate Flooring?

This type of floor is a perfect addition to many rooms in the home. At Direct Carpets, we have ranges that are suitable for all rooms. From the living room to the kitchen, and bedrooms to even the bathroom. The majority of laminate flooring boards are resistant to water so can be used in rooms which may have the occasional splash. It should be used with caution in places like the bathroom, kitchen and utility, and any spills should be cleaned up immediately.

Laminate Floor Planks In Bathroom

Is It Better Than Wood?

Whilst each of these types of floor have their own benefits, getting laminate flooring over wood can be more cost effective. If you want the look of wood but think the price tag is too much, opting for this imitating floor can save you some cash. Many of the styles are also compatible with underfloor heating, so you can enjoy a comfortable floor underfoot. The material is easy to install too, so you can benefit from quick installation times.

How Long Does Laminate Flooring Last?

It can last for 15-25 years in some cases if treated with care. How long the floor lasts depends on the installation, maintenance, and the daily wear and tear it incurs. This is a great addition to any home as it is cost effective in the long run.

Laminate Flooring

How Do You Maintain Laminate Flooring?

Make sure to regularly hoover or sweep the floor to keep it clear. As we’ve said previously, any liquid spills should be cleared up immediately to avoid seeping into the base. It’s advised not to soak this type of floor when washing, as water shouldn’t sit on it for a prolonged amount of time. Try damp mopping or spray mops as an alternative to keeping your floors looking fresh.

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