How To Put Up Curtain Rails & Poles

Putting up curtains is a task that’s relatively easy to do, but requires some precision. To help you ensure that you put up your curtain rails and poles correctly, we’ve put together this simple step-by-step guide.

Measure Up

The first thing to do is to measure. There’s a famous saying that goes ‘measure twice, cut once’. We think this is a great ethic to go by, so we’d encourage you to measure a few times to confirm the exact measurement you need. Extend your tape from one side of the window to the other, then add 30cm to that measurement. This will give you 15cm extra on either side, which is about right for most curtains.

Choose A Curtain Rail

Once you have the measurement you need, you can choose a curtain rail. You can find them in a huge range of lengths, and many will be extendable. If you have any doubts about your measurements, an extendable pole is a great idea. Because the pole will be visible, you should choose one with a design that you like. There are many styles available, and some have decorative end pieces that can make a real statement.

Measure The Curtain Rail

Now that you’ve got your curtain rail, you’re going to need to find the midpoint. If you’ve gone for an extendable pole, you’ll need to extend it to the width that you need first. Make a small mark or place a piece of masking tape at the centre point, so you know where it is.

Woman Drilling A Curtain Rail Bracked Into Wall

Next, you’ll need to do the same for your window. Measure from one end to the other, and mark where the midpoint is. If it’s easier to do so, you can halve the total measurement then use this to find the centre. It’ll make things easier for you if you mark the centre about 15cm above the window, as this is the ideal placement for your curtain rail.

Measure For The Brackets

Now you’ll need to mark where the brackets are going to go. These should be positioned about 10cm from either end. The best way to find this point is to use the total measurement that you used at the start. Divide that measurement in half, then subtract 10cm. Measure from the middle point outwards, and make the mark either side.

Woman Putting A Curtain Rail Up

To ensure that your markings are all straight, you can use a spirit level or laser level. This is the point where you want to be extra confident that everything is done correctly, so it wouldn’t hurt to measure up a second time before committing to putting your curtain rails up.

Fix The Brackets & Fit The Curtain Rail

Once you’re sure you’ve marked up correctly, you can fix the pole to the wall. Using the bracket marks, attach the brackets to the wall using the fixings supplied with the curtain rail. This might involve using wall plugs. Once these are secured, you should be able to lift the curtain rail up and rest it on the brackets. Find the centre point of the pole and align it to the mark on the centre of the wall before fixing the pole to the brackets.

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