How To Measure For Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a great choice for any environment. They’re easy to fit and even easier to operate. The simple mechanism results in a fuss-free way to block or let in the light. You might be wondering how to measure your windows properly so you get the right fit. We’ve put together this easy guide to help you measure up correctly.

Choose Where The Roller Blind Will Hang

Once you’ve decided which windows you want the blinds to be on, you’ll need to choose whether you want it to sit inside the window recess or above it. Blinds that are positioned inside the recess are called top fix. One that sits above is known as face fix. Limitations might include window handles, radiators or decorative features that might obstruct the blinds. We’re also assuming that you’re measuring for standard shape windows that are either square or rectangular. Any other shapes will need to be custom-made and measured for by a professional.

How To Measure For Top Fix

To measure for top fix roller blinds, you need to place the tape between the window recess. It’s best to do this three times, once at the top, once in the middle and once at the bottom. If the measurements are different, use the smallest one as your final figure. Do the same from side to side and top to bottom, so you’re left with the width and height measurements. This is all that you’ll need to do.

How To Measure For Face Fix

Face fix blinds are measured slightly differently. Just like before, you need to take three measurements, one at the top, middle and bottom. For the width, take the smallest measurement and add 120mm to it. For the height, you can choose any length that you like. So, if you want the roller blind to fall below the window frame, this is fine as long as there’s no obstructions.

Woman Measuring For Roller Blinds

Choose Your Roller Blinds

Once you’ve got your measurements, you’re ready to choose your blinds. Now’s the time to decide if you want blackout material or something more translucent. You also need to choose a colour or pattern. There’s so many to choose from, so make sure you review your options carefully before committing. If you’re likely to switch up the style of your room in future, something minimal would be a good choice.

For Roller Blinds, Choose Direct Carpets & Curtains

Now that you’re measured up and ready to go, it’s time to purchase some roller blinds. Get in touch with Direct Carpets & Curtains today to discuss our wide range of options.

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