How To Create A Luxury Bedroom With Curtains

Believe it or not, curtains can make a big difference when it comes to the look and feel of your bedroom. In fact, they can even make or break a space! If you’re thinking about updating your boudoir, putting some thought into your drapes can really elevate your room. Keep reading to find out how to use curtains to create a luxurious bedroom.

Consider Your Curtain Poles

Choosing the right curtain pole for your bedroom is crucial when it comes to creating a luxury environment. Not only is it important to choose the correct style and colour, but also to position it in the best place. If you’d like to add drama and elegance to your room, hang the curtain pole high above the windows. Don’t forget to pair this with long floor length drapes for that decadent look. Also, make sure your curtain pole matches the aesthetic of your room to ensure your space remains cohesive.

Choose Complimenting Colours​

Matching your curtains to the accents of your room is an excellent way to add a touch of luxury. In doing so, you can bring the entire space together for an intentional and balanced appearance. A great way of incorporating your drapes is by matching them to the colour of your decorative pillows. Similarly, you could also match them to rugs, seating or even throws. If your bedroom uses lots of the same colour, consider opting for curtains in a lighter or darker shade. This will help to break things up a bit but without damaging the cohesivity of your space. 

Complimentary curtains

Add Blinds Behind Your Curtains

Whilst a good pair of curtains can look fantastic by themselves, you can make them even more impressive by adding blinds. When fitted correctly, they can bring extra depth to your drapes and can work together to create a stunning focal point. What’s more, they give you extra privacy and further help to reduce light levels. Although there are many different kinds of blinds available, we believe that Roman or roller complement curtains particularly well. Whatever style you go for, try to pick a material that suits your curtains for the best results.

Transform Your Bedroom With Direct Carpet & Curtain Supplies

If you’re considering upgrading your bedroom, drapes are a great place to start. Direct Carpet and Curtain Supplies stock a range of luxury, quality curtains. Contact us today or visit our showroom to find out more.

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