How To Choose And Fit Curtains And Blinds

How To Choose And Fit Curtains And Blinds

Finding the right curtains or blinds for your home can be very tricky as there is quite frankly to many options: fabric curtains, blinds and even shutters nowadays. Which ones should you choose? Read on for tips and advice on fitting curtains.

Sizing Fabric Curtains For Your Home

Traditional fabric curtains help to create a cosy atmosphere in any room while also being functional in terms of privacy, thermal insulation, and light. They don’t have to be heavy or dull any longer; in fact, they can be quite the opposite.

Consider using thin and light curtains for a light, summery, and airy feel, but pair them with a blackout blind for a better night’s sleep if used in the bedroom.

Fabric curtains are also suitable for use in a child’s bedroom or playroom. Consider the bright colours and cute patterns that can show off your child’s personality.

How To Choose Curtain Length And Width

If you want a beautiful and well-fitting result, make sure your curtains are the correct length and width. If you intend to use a curtain rod, select one that is approximately 20% wider than the actual window to be covered and instal it 8-10 cm above the window frame or in the actual ceiling.

When dealing with a large window section (such as one in the living room), it is often a good idea to divide the curtain into several lengths. This is extremely useful both when installing the curtains and when they need to be removed for washing and cleaning.

A curtain, which goes all the way to the floor, should finish approximately 3cm above the floor, while a curtain in a window with a window ledge should finish 8-10cm below the ledge (or 3cm above a radiator, if there is one).

Regardless of the curtain’s size and length, don’t forget the finish at the top. When measuring, you must measure from the rod’s lower edge or – if you are using curtain rings – from the lower edge of the rings. These little reminders will come in handy when fitting curtains.

Vertical Blinds Torquay

Vertical blinds are a popular choice for homes, offices, and commercial buildings. They’re ideal for homes with patio doors or long lounge windows. The large, vertical louvres look great in both large and small rooms, and the blinds are a cost-effective solution because the installation fittings are usually included. Vertical blinds are also available in a variety of standard sizes, and you can personally shorten both their length and width to suit your needs.

How Do I Choose Blinds For My Home

Roller blinds and Venetian blinds are becoming more and more popular, as they are both practical and affordable. If you are after aluminium venetian blinds for your home, you will need a pair of venetian blind scissors to easily shorten the blinds both lengthwise and width-wise in order to fit them.

Whereas roller blinds can only be adjusted width-wise. A further window solution is pleated blinds. You can easily fit roller blinds or venetian blinds yourself, using the pieces supplied.

Blinds And Curtains Near Me

There are few things that can change the character and style of a room as dramatically as a new set of curtains. They can add a new level of sophistication while also providing the practical benefit of softening daytime glare and acting as a thermal barrier, whether to trap in heat or block out unwanted heat.

Direct Carpets and Curtain Supplies can guide and support you with our years of experience to ensure that you end up with the most appropriate style and fabric for your home. Contact us today to find out more.

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