How To Buy New Carpet

Choosing & buying a brand new carpet for your home can be a considerable outlay but by being prepared and making the right choice for your home it could not be easier. See some handy hints below to help you make the right choice for you.

What Sort Of Underlay Do I Need

Buying underlay for your carpet is important to making it last. Underlay makes you carpet not only last longer but also helps to reduce noise in your home, this is especially true when you live in a flat. Some carpets come with underlay already attached but do check with your retailer about including the price of underlay in your quote.

Should I Ask For A Carpet Sample

If you’re not sure about how your new carpets will look in your home, ask for a sample to see how it looks in the light of your room. Many showrooms have bright unnatural light this can give the carpet a different look and will make the choice harder. Also avoiding disappointment if your order arrives and looks different to when you ordered.

How Do I Pick The Right Colour Carpet

You will need to ensure the colour looks right in your room by using a sample but also maybe look at patterned carpets that can be kept should you wish to redecorate, as patterned carpets allow your to pick out different colours for a new room palate. Remember that should you wish to have a solid colour; you should try using a complimentary colour as the likelihood of an exact match is rare.

Which Room Is The Carpet For

Rooms can vary in their requirements. If the area is a high traffic one, a more hard-wearing carpet will be required. In room such as bedrooms, where the foot traffic is light and tends to be in bare feet, a softer finish is a better fit.

Direct Carpets Torquay

Overall making the right choice for you is key. You need to be happy with the look & feel and how it fits with your home. Here at Direct Carpets we want to help you get the look you want with great service throughout.

Direct Carpets was founded in 1976 in a small shop in Winner Street, Paignton. In 1979 it amalgamated with Terry’s Fabrics to become Direct Carpet and Curtain Supplies Ltd, which then moved to premises in Torquay Road, Paignton. To this day the business is still owned by Teresa Harris and remains a family run business.

The business has been built on quality and service at realistic prices and has grown greatly over the years. In 1992 it amalgamated with The Carpet Factory on the Woodlands Trading Estate, Torquay, making it one of the largest carpets and curtain retailers in the South West. Contact us today.

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