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At Direct Carpet & Curtain Supplies, we have a wide range of flooring choices in Torquay. From hard flooring to luxury carpets, there is something for everyone and so choosing between them is not an easy task. To help you, we have some information to hopefully guide your decision.

What’s The Best Flooring For Me?

What flooring is best for you depends on the room that you are decorating. Kitchens and bathrooms commonly have hard flooring – they are rooms most used by people so would experience more wear and tear (which wont last if they have carpeted flooring). Hallways could have hard flooring as well as carpet, but you must make sure to pick one with a short, dense fibre as they are the most durable.

Carpets are more for areas where you want comfort like bedrooms and living rooms, for these you may opt to choose one of our luxury flooring options. We have two types of piles for our carpets:

Tufted – the more popular of the two, this is made by a row of needles punching the yarn onto a base material which either produces a cut or look design. These are so popular because of their range of colours, styles and finishes for their price.

Woven – made using traditional loomed methods and is a very long process and therefore slower than our Tufted method. The designs are woman into the carpet instead of being printed on top and they can be textured or plain. Because of this, they are the more expensive option, but you are paying for the luxury.

Carpet Materials Torquay

Our carpets are made up of different materials depending on the style and durability. It is important you know each of their benefits and attributes to decide which is best for you. We’ve broken them down for you to make it easier:

Polyamide or Nylon – with built in stain resistance, these carpets also have amazing durability.
Polypropylene – this manmade material is durable and stain proof too, although it is flammable so be careful where you place this carpet.
Polyester – it has the look of wool and is also soft and stain resistant as well as easy to clean. Although, it does flatten easily so is used more for textures carpets.
Wool – natural, sustainable and commonly used for high quality carpets. This is a durable material which traps heat and softens noise.
Mixed Wool – these make up most all-purpose carpets by mixing manmade fibres will wool.

Styling Flooring

When styling flooring, you need to consider the surroundings and the colour palette you’re working with. Whether you want the flooring to have a big impact or just to complement the existing décor, planning is needed else you could end up with a cluttered look. Taking samples of different flooring options is a good way of avoiding this.

Using complimentary colours is a good way to accentuate different aspects of a room. Decorating with cushions, accent bowls or even curtains is an effective way of adding colour. For example, you could have a pale blue carpet and bring the blue out with navy cushions or throw and have a complimentary spread of table decorations.

Direct Carpet & Curtain Supplies Torquay

We hope our knowledge has been useful to you and you now know what flooring will be best for you. Be sure to contact us at Direct Carpet & Curtain Supplies if you want any more advice or quotes on our flooring choices.

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