Commercial Carpet Supply Torquay

Finding the right commercial carpet supply in Torquay couldn’t be easier than with Direct Carpets and Flooring. We supply businesses across Devon. As a trusted supplier we ensure all our customers, be they domestic or commercial have the best flooring finish. So, what is the right carpet or flooring option for your office, space, or any business need?

Is Commercial Carpet More Expensive

Commercial carpets don’t need to be expensive. In business premises, they tend to be high traffic areas. This means that your carpet not only needs to look good but also needs to be practical. Most with go for a short weave that is easy to maintain. Practical doesn’t means ugly. You can get a great effect with style without losing practicality at all. Ask experts like us, we can guide you through the best choices to suit your kind of business.

If you have a commercial property like a restaurant, then carpet may not be the best option. Something like a wood laminate means your get a great sleek look and the easy maintenance you need to make it look great all the time.

What Is Commercial Carpet Is Made From

Commercial carpets tend to be made from a mix of natural and synthetic fibres. This gives you a great feel with all the long last positives you need. We all want our flooring to last and not have the need to replace it too regularly. This is the same for a commercial property. So, buy smart with Direct Carpets and Flooring. With many years’ experience in giving all our customers the perfect look and practicality for their flooring needs.

How Long Will Commercial Carpet Last

On average a carpet can last for a long time, anything up to 7 years and beyond. This is of course dependant on maintenance of your flooring. Good general cleaning will have your carpet looking its best at all time and ensure any issues are easily viewable. The best way for a carpet to last is the first fit. Having your carpet or flooring fitted correctly in your commercial space is key. A poorly fitted carpet will not only look bad but will start to have issues earlier than a well fitted one.

Commercial Carpets Torquay

For all you need for the best commercial carpets in Torquay then look no further than Direct Carpets and Flooring. We have a great choice of styles to meet your needs and an array of alternative flooring options. All expertly fitted by our team and with great customer service and after care. You can’t go wrong with us. Contact us today and see why we are the best in Devon.

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