Choosing Carpet For Your Home

Carpets come and go in regard to fashion over the years but ultimately, they are the most practical and luxurious choice that most people return to time and time again. Everyone enjoys the soft, relaxed feel of a thick carpet underfoot, which will never be matched by any other available flooring option.

Carpets are the heart of any home for many reasons but mainly because they feel and look great.

Carpets have benefits in that they are not just beautiful, but they take care of us too by helping to reduce the risk of slips and falls. They make your home a much more warm and welcoming space.

Designer Carpets Torquay

There is nothing more delicious than the cosiness and warmth of a fresh designer carpet. The carpet will be energy efficient too as it acts as a cosy and effective insulator keeping your home comfortable and warm. Carpeting has been found to create a calming atmosphere; they absorb unwanted sounds and will cushion your room against empty echoes and noise from your busy family life.

Hardwearing Carpets For Your Home

Nothing actually comes close to the forgiving, comfortable feeling of new carpet under your family’s feet. You know your family will be safe in a carpeted home as carpet offers a safe and happy spot for children to play. Even the inevitable stains that a young family provides can be protected against by using Stain Guard.

Many carpets nowadays are made from natural fibres or synthetic materials that come close to the feel of the natural fibres. They are made to be tough against the everyday wear and tear of daily family life, so mostly, all you should need to do to keep your high-quality designer carpet looking amazing is a bit of regular vacuuming.

Interior Design Torquay

Home improvement and interior design trends are hard to keep up with for most households as they require a significant amount of investment, whether that is time or money, and are extremely difficult to update regularly. The satisfying thing about carpet is that it doesn’t need to be updated to regularly. With the right care, maintenance and simple styling, your carpet can last for a long time.

Luxury Carpets Torquay

We have a love affair with carpets because they do not cost the earth. Even the thick pile carpets are far cheaper than the comparable hardwood flooring. You can completely carpet your entire home, at a fraction of the price of using any other floor covering.

Direct Carpets Torquay

Direct Carpets was founded in 1976 in a small shop in Winner Street, Paignton. In 1979 it amalgamated with Terry’s Fabrics to become Direct Carpet and Curtain Supplies Ltd, which then moved to premises in Torquay Road, Paignton. To this day the business is still owned by Teresa Harris and remains a family run business.

The business has been built on quality and service at realistic prices and has grown greatly over the years. In 1992 it amalgamated with The Carpet Factory on the Woodlands Trading Estate, Torquay, making it one of the largest carpets and curtain retailers in the South West. Contact us today for an estimate on our range of products.

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