Ways to Protect Your Carpet Whilst Redecorating

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We all love to redecorate and give our homes that extra lift but don’t forget to protect your carpets! We have all spent our hard-earned money on getting the perfect flooring for our home and the last thing you want to do is end up with a stain or permanent damage. Below are some handy […]

Tips For Allergy Sufferers And Carpets

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If you are an allergy sufferer combating the major causes can be stressful. Now, we are all about how great carpets are but when you suffer from allergies you may need to make some changes to your carpet maintenance and maybe think about another flooring option. We have put together a simple list to give […]

Style vs Comfort When Choosing A New Carpet

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Carpets have been a popular choice in our homes for many years but making the right choice for your home is not an only a choice in style, it’s a choice in practicality & comfort too. Discover what you need to know about style vs comfort when choosing a new carpet. The Style Of Carpet […]

Pets And Your New Carpet

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Picking your new carpet is a choice of style and practicality but not everyone considers their pets when making the choice of their new carpet. We have put together some handy hints for you to remember when considering your pets and your new carpet. What Are The Best Carpets For Pets When picking your new […]

Which Carpet To Choose For Your Room

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Choose the right carpet for your room is not just about the look, although important you also need to think about what room you are going to put the carpet in and if it is ready to take the day to day wear of that room. The Right Carpet For Bedrooms The bedroom is where […]

Using Carpet Offcuts

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Once you have your nice new carpet, you might be left with the offcuts. The question is what do you do with these offcuts? Offcuts are ideal for being repurposed around your home, saving them from being wasted. We have collated some ideas on how to use your offcuts effectively. How To Keep Your Floor […]

How To Buy New Carpet

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Choosing & buying a brand new carpet for your home can be a considerable outlay but by being prepared and making the right choice for your home it could not be easier. See some handy hints below to help you make the right choice for you. What Sort Of Underlay Do I Need Buying underlay […]

When Is It Time To Change Your Carpet

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It is certainly that time of year – time to get cosy for winter with a warming new carpet. But are you undecided or on the fence about getting a new carpet? Look at what you’ve got and see if any of the below sounds familiar. Worn Out And Worn Down Carpet It’s a fact […]

Choosing Carpet For Your Home

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Carpets come and go in regard to fashion over the years but ultimately, they are the most practical and luxurious choice that most people return to time and time again. Everyone enjoys the soft, relaxed feel of a thick carpet underfoot, which will never be matched by any other available flooring option. Carpets are the […]

How To Fit Carpet

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So you have decided on your brand new carpet and now you have placed your order and whilst we always advise having a professional carpet fitter to lay it for you, we understand that some people would rather fit it themselves and save a little bit of money. In this blog, we are going to […]

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