Buying New Carpet: A Thorough Guide

Cat Chooses A New Carpet

Buying a new carpet for your home is something you don’t purchase very often which is why it is so important to ensure that when you do, you choose something that is going to last. With it usually having so much use around the house, buying quality flooring that is durable is a must; this […]

Which Carpets are Best For My Home

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Understanding what carpets are best for your home are important from both a style perspective and a practical one. Finding the ideal match is can seem daunting and with many flooring options to choose from, can seem endless. Here at Direct Carpets & Curtains, our skilled team can give you a wealth of knowledge to […]

Carpets and Flooring Company

Carpets And Flooring Company Cat On Carpet

Finding the right carpets and flooring company is all important when it comes to finding the perfect fit for you. No matter if its for your home or business, having the right feel is just as important. Here at Direct Carpet and Curtains, we work with our customers to find the best match. So, take […]

Carpet Shop Torquay

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Do you know where the best carpet shop in Torquay is? Well we may be biased but we think its us here at Direct Carpet & Curtain Supplies. We have an array of the ideal flooring options for our customers, be it domestic or commercial carpets. We have the perfect fit and look for you, […]

Commercial Carpet Supply Torquay

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Finding the right commercial carpet supply in Torquay couldn’t be easier than with Direct Carpets and Flooring. We supply businesses across Devon. As a trusted supplier we ensure all our customers, be they domestic or commercial have the best flooring finish. So, what is the right carpet or flooring option for your office, space, or […]

Commercial Flooring Torquay

Modern Eating Place With Chairs And White Walls

Choosing the right commercial flooring in Torquay is just as important as choosing the flooring for your home. Whether its for a hotel or an office, the ideal flooring not only finishes of the room perfectly but has a level of practicality too. Here at Direct Carpets & Curtains Supplies, we not only provide amazing […]

Carpet and Flooring Torquay

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When you choose new carpet and flooring in Torquay, there are many choices to make and finding the perfect fit for your home. Everything from look to practicalities have to be considered. We have put together a little guide to make the choice a bit easier and help you find the ideal fit. What Types […]

Ways to Protect Your Carpet Whilst Redecorating

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We all love to redecorate and give our homes that extra lift but don’t forget to protect your carpets! We have all spent our hard-earned money on getting the perfect flooring for our home and the last thing you want to do is end up with a stain or permanent damage. Below are some handy […]

Tips For Allergy Sufferers And Carpets

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If you are an allergy sufferer combating the major causes can be stressful. Now, we are all about how great carpets are but when you suffer from allergies you may need to make some changes to your carpet maintenance and maybe think about another flooring option. We have put together a simple list to give […]

Style vs Comfort When Choosing A New Carpet

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Carpets have been a popular choice in our homes for many years but making the right choice for your home is not an only a choice in style, it’s a choice in practicality & comfort too. Discover what you need to know about style vs comfort when choosing a new carpet. The Style Of Carpet […]