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When you choose new carpet and flooring in Torquay, there are many choices to make and finding the perfect fit for your home. Everything from look to practicalities have to be considered. We have put together a little guide to make the choice a bit easier and help you find the ideal fit.

What Types of Carpets Are There

There are many types of carpets, each with their own great features and each has the ideal place in your home. When you are choosing your new carpet, it is important to pick the right flooring to suit the needs of your room. If you are carpeting high traffic areas, a shorter weave is much better when it comes to cleaning. Whereas in a bedroom a thicker pile gives you the comfort and touch of luxury you need in a room.

Don’t forget a rug can make all the difference in a room that is used regularly. This allows your new carpet to last long by protecting it. Also, when it comes to redecorating, the rug can be changed to give you a more matching look.

What Is The Best Type of Carpet

As we have said above, the best type of carpet depends on the room it is being fitted in. By choosing the right carpet to suit your rooms needs it will give you true value for money over time. So, we can’t really give you the best type of carpet because they are all great in their own way.

Carpet and Flooring Quotes

So, now we have given you a bit of advice on how to pick your new carpet and flooring in Torquay. It’s time to find the ideal carpet and flooring quotes. Always get at least three quotes to ensure you not only get a great price but also find the ideal fitter too.

Here at Direct Carpets & Curtains we have a wealth of experience in providing the best carpets and flooring, paired with our fitting service. This means our customers get the best service every time. Contact Direct Carpets & Curtains for a quote today.

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