How To Keep Carpets In Good Condition

As carpet specialists, we know a thing or two about keeping your floors in great condition. To ensure your new floors stay looking fresh, there are some things you can do.

Hoovering Carpet

Regularly Vacuum

While an obvious chore to keep up, it’s important that hoovering happens frequently. This will stop any bits from getting to the root of the material which can be quite difficult to get out. Hoovering daily, or once every other day, will help keep pet hairs and bits of debris at bay.

Carpet Specialists Recommend: Ban Shoes

Though it can be annoying, if you really want to keep your new floor in good condition, you might want to think about making a rule against shoes. Shoes can bring in outside dirt that can settle within the surface, so if everyone does this it can make cleaning quite difficult. By asking guests to remove their shoes, you’re reducing the workload and keeping the floors in a better condition.

Muddy Shoes On Carpet
Carpet Stains

Spot Clean Any Stains

As carpet specialists, we recommend cleaning any stains as soon as they’re spotted. It’s important to not let a spillage seep further into the material, so ensure it is dealt with immediately. Different stains may need different solutions. Your best bet is to not rub the area, but instead dab or blot with a damp cloth and cleaning solution.

Trim Any Loose Ends

If you happen to see any loose threads, make sure to trim them off. This will make the surface look neater. Our carpet specialists suggest that should not be pulled, as it runs the risk of pulling out more material. If you see a loose end, simply take some scissors and snip level to the rest of the floor.

Loose Threads
Rug On Carpet

Invest In A Rug

If you want your carpets to stay in good condition, getting a rug for the area may be useful. It means that the rug will take the brunt of wear and tear, rather than the brand new flooring. Replacing a rug will be much more cost-effective and easier than replacing a carpet. They are also a great addition to any room.

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