The Best Living Room Blinds For Your Home

Looking to shake up your living room décor? If you don’t have anything in mind, it’s difficult to choose from such a wide variety of blinds designs, so we’ve gone ahead and done the work for you. Your living room blinds need to account for style, privacy and functionality. We’ve listed some of the top options for your living room windows, but of course, style is subjective; so don’t take our word as gospel. However, if you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got you covered.

Black Out Living Room Blinds

Blackout blinds are an obvious choice for numerous reasons. Does a cosy, dark room during a movie marathon appeal? How about the amplified visage of privacy and security in your home? Blackout blinds have no impact on light filtration when opened during the day, but when it comes to night, your living room will feel more secure and optimise your privacy from outdoor pedestrians. This is also ideal for houses facing busy roads or high-traffic areas. Glaring car lights can’t penetrate the blackout material, so you won’t be disturbed during your evening soaps. (Can’t do much about the sound though. Sorry.)

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are the ever-elegant solution and popular choice for living room blinds. Why? Well, they’re the jack of all trades. They’re affordable, adjustable and easy to maintain. Your living room likely sees a lot of foot traffic, so poorly kept blinds are more noticeable and detrimental to their function. Venetian blinds offer excellent light control properties, similarly to blackout blinds. You can adjust how much light you allow into the room without sacrificing your privacy, which is an exemplary solution for housing based in busy towns or roads. In terms of cleaning, a good dusting with a damp cloth every now and then is all you need. Venetian blinds need minimal babysitting and come in a variety of materials, so you have flexibility and control over your interior aesthetic.

Blinds Or Curtains?

The age-old question. Do I need blinds, curtains, or both? Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer. The two synergise beautifully to provide optimal light control and insulation in your living room, but it depends on what qualities you’re after. Curtains are a popular choice in living rooms for their aesthetic value, but if you want to double-down on privacy and heat retention, blinds are essential for laying those foundations. Blinds in your living room can also function admirably on their own, especially if they’re thick and substantial. For the best of both worlds, investing in a vibrant set of curtains to compliment your blinds will go a long way in optimising your living space.

Vertical Living Room Blinds

Vertical blinds make the list because of their ability to cater to windows regardless of size or shape. They are a fashionable and flexible option that also provide excellent light control for maximised privacy in your living area. Aesthetically, they can be mute or more colourful, so you’re not reneging on your colour palette. Overall, they are a good option if you’re struggling to find something that works.

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